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Brookville Jr./Sr. High School - Grades 7 - 12
District Administration

BAHS Daily Announcements

24 hours ago

Good morning, students and staff! Welcome to school on this Friday, December 13th, an A Day. The Christmas countdown shows only 11 more days until it’s Christmas! At this time please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence.  (Pause to allow time to do so).


Welcome one and all to the library’s annual 12 days of holiday giveaways contest. Congratulations to Zoie Potts winner of yesterday’s 12 days of giveaways trivia question with the answer 8 “la’s”.

Today’s question is: According to the song of the same name, what do you hear on every street corner? Please stop in to the Library and submit your answers.

Penny Wars Update! The rooms leading the charge in the Penny wars are: Mrs. Decker (321), Mr. Kimmerle (300), Mrs. Adams (306), Mrs. Keys (324), and Mr. Wells (328), Mrs. Carrico (117) and Mr. Ramolt (210).  Today, is the last battle in the Penny Wars: all bills are worth double points, and pennies are negative.

The following students need to see Mrs. Easterbrook before the end of the day today: David Cable, Kalea Buscek, and Aaron Park. Again, those students need to see Mrs. Easterbrook TODAY!

All YAG members are reminded that the deadline to submit draft bills has come and gone. Any delegate who still has not submitted a draft of their bill must do so by the end of this week. Please take care of this responsibility as soon as possible. Also - all YAG members must register for Model Convention using the REGY site. Please see Mrs. Burton with any questions!

YAG officers will meet during WIN in Mrs. Burton's room number 215. That's you - Donavan, Luc, Chase, and Taylor - please see Mrs. Burton during WIN today!

Holidays in the Halls Theme Days are coming to BHS next week, December 16th - 20th.

Monday is Head to Toe Day.

Wear your holiday hats, headbands, and socks! Accessorize!

Tuesday is Want to Build a Snowman Day?

Dress up as your favorite snowman. 

Wednesday is Santa or an Elf Day.

Red or Green? What's your favorite color? 

Thursday is Holiday Character Day.

Bring your favorite holiday character to life.

Friday is Ugly Sweater/Sweatshirt Day

Ugly says it all! 

Time to go shopping and plan your outfits. 

Seventh grade class officers and committee members are reminded that we will be making ornaments for the tree in Room 417 during WIN today. All available members should attend.

We’ll close with this reminder:  The real challenge in life is not to raise your standard of living but to raise your standard of giving. Thanks for listening today.